Claire Dowie
Claire Dowie performs Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?

A unique opportunity for students to be inspired by Claire Dowie's own performance of her classic text: Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?

Essential for both A level English and Drama students -
       Suggested reading on the AQA A level English syllabus with particular relevance to studies of identity and gender.
       Suggested reading on the Edexcel A level Drama syllabus and useful for students working on their own monologues 

Following her success at Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Claire Dowie has tailored this production of Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt to tour schools and colleges with a simple set, hour long performance, and options for Q&A and workshops to enhance students' A level studies. Students of drama will be able to review the show and examine the theatrical devices used to sustain the audience's imaginations  and consider the unique way the theatre space is used in solo performances. Students of English will be able to gather ideas, inspiration and new material for their future examinations. 

Claire Dowie is a multi-award winning writer and performer (including awards from Time Out, London Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe for Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt)

Claire Dowie's performances in London and Edinburgh of Why Is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt? received five and six star reviews and was "BEST OF THE FEST" in the Edinburgh Evening News:

CLAIRE Dowie's resurrection of her one-woman, award-winning comedy on sexual stereotyping is one of Fringe 2013 hidden gems. ……… Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt? is hilarious, angry, empowering, political, confused, tragic, subversive but most of all, human.

I would make this compulsory viewing for young people all over the country.

…can it really still be as explosive and relevant now as it was over two decades ago? The short answer is, yes, and absolutely, yes …Still angry, still hilarious, and still right, Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt? is phenomenal. This is not only a blistering rally cry for gender equality, but also a life-affirming piece of theatre. You'll be moved, you may even cry a little, and you'll most definitely laugh. But most of all, you'll never see anything quite like this again.

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